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Место для злобного (и не очень) оффтопика.
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Лучшие вещества в твоем городе!

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As soon as she started to touch the back of the coin, sounded a sweet moan with his chest, he was so good that he would like that of eternity lasted.
Dima. You are so good at fucking. Trying to catch her breath, said the stepmother. Come on sunshine, fuck me some more. I want to feel your cock inside me again.
We arrived on time, took a taxi to the cottage. Met, hugged, kissed. It turned out that we are not the only guests at grandparents. The son of Lenochkin's older sister arrived, that is, Lenochkin's nephew Volodya. He completed his first year of university. Medium height, thin, with glasses he looked like a nerd. We had lunch, walked to the river and sat down to dinner.
It's scary and cold there. Can I stay here until morning?
Oooh yeah! I am sure this natural lotion will make your skin even more elastic and silky!))
He was sitting on the bed already without clothes, his legs spread wide so that I could see his cock in all its glory. It didn't look like my toy at all. It lost a little in length, but was much thicker. More precisely, the toy was thin, but long, but he had the opposite. I knew that I would be in pain today, but that didn't stop me at all...
Lisa knelt down in front of Artyom with a condom already taken out of the package. The guy took out a wet cock from Natashka and turned to the waiting girl like that. His tightly swollen penis dangled from Lisa in front of her face. The girl carefully took the barrel with one handle, and with the other she tried to fit the elastic, but the head was too big and did not want to fit into the latex ring. Only by using both hands did she manage to pull the condom over the hot head. Rolling the gum along the trunk, Lisa looked at the swollen pulsating veins and looked forward to how this relief would be felt by the walls of her vagina. Having finished the procedure, she looked up at her future partner and smiled surprisingly innocently. Having received a pointing gesture, she, also leaning on the edge of the bed, stood dorsal beside Natasha.

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Well, not quite anything ... I will definitely wear sandals!
During the conversation, I found out that he is engaged in karate, or something like that, and was engaged in pole dancing.
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It escaped from the lips of Maria Vladimirovna, while I was fucking her lying on her side, lifting her right leg up, and inserted a finger into her mouth, which she passionately sucked.
Going into the bedroom, Oksana changed clothes, now she was wearing a light gray dress of medium length, she put on sandals and headed for the door.
- Well, come, now we will gather and we will wait for you.
The girl said smiling.
with him?
Spring. It's time to plant potatoes. The mother-in-law, for nothing that she lives alone, keeps cattle, which must be fed and fed. And what to feed? The stump is clear: potatoes. No wonder it is called the second bread. So he is gaining land unmeasured. At least it seemed to me that a hectare, no less. He took them all, planters, gardeners, with some seeds. All that at once will not drag my old UAZ, although some call it a pill, some a banana, and some a bench.